Going green, getting healthy, saving money, and creating a better world.

going-green-farmers-marketGoing Green, Getting Healthy
The choices we make impact our health, our family's health and the health of our planet. If we each start making greener choices, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, we will make a difference.

There are many ways that we can go green, work toward getting healthy, and make a difference in our world. There are simple, affordable ways to live sustainably, to become healthy on all levels, and to effect our family and earth positively.

My hope is to offer you specific information on going green, when and why you should choose organic and how those choices impact our health as well as the health of our environment.

I believe we want to make responsible choices, we sometimes just need to be shown the way. With good information and simple tips and encouragement along the way, you can start the process of going green, of becoming your best self. We want to be positive role models for our children and to pass on a healthy earth.

It's a Process...
I have had a passion for health and fitness for more than 20 years and have worked as a personal fitness trainer and physical and health education teacher all of my adult life. I began studying green topics and working toward reducing my carbon footprint more recently.

going-green-fresh-peppersThe biggest change that I have found in my own life is that I feel so much better about the food that I feed my family. I continue to learn and become more aware of the impact of my purchases and how to strive for balance in both life and our environment.

Remember that it is a process. You don't have to revamp all of your habits in one day. Choose one thing to change, whether it is replacing your incandescent lights, switching to reusable grocery bags, turning off the water when you brush your teeth, or slowly switching your purchases to local and/or organic foods.

As you become more aware and see positive changes in your life, you will continue on your path of going green and getting healthy.

You have already made the first step by coming to this site. My hope is that we can grow together and share our experiences along the way.


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